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Selecting the right storage virtualization technology

Choosing the right storage virtualization technology means having a clear understanding of a customer's data storage goals.

What are the hardware and software aspects of storage virtualizations? What role will VARs play in setting up, supporting, managing and adding value to those components?

Once the path is set to virtualize, VARs should help to select the appropriate type of virtualization. This will require clear understanding of the problem to be solved. Then, help establish that the solution will work in a proof of concept environment, using the customer's data and environment. Honestly compare the results against the problem statement. Ensure that it has the desired outcome. If all is well, proceed. Help the customer to develop best practices for managing a virtualized storage world. Look for solutions around reporting and troubleshooting challenges. Overall, VARs should help to train their customers to take a mature and methodical systems design approach to virtualization.

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