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Security for mobile broadband

While some SMBs are not securing their mobile broadband, there is good reason to do so, even if a customer has only a small amount of data to protect.

My SMB client doesn't think he needs a firewall if his employees only use mobile broadband access. I told him he needs one in any case. Who's correct?

You are.

Any data that can be accessed legitimately by mobile broadband technology, such as Sprint or AT&T, can be accessed by a hacker. I'm not sure if your client has a web site, or client data in a database, or even just a confidential list of contacts on a laptop, but it can all be subject to unauthorized access. The mobile broadband services do a pretty good job of restricting access control and authentication, but that's only a small part of a security solution that preserves the company's information assets.

Perhaps your client doesn't have any company data anywhere because it's only a loose confederation of folks who occasionally use the Internet to communicate. In that case, it's a pretty unique business. Still, data can hide in a lot of unexpected places. Any data that resides anywhere can be accessed, and if the company owns any data that resides in a DMZ or an internal server, it needs protection.

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