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Recommending storage blade servers

Resellers should look for these signs that indicate storage blade servers could be useful for a customer.

What are the signs that a VAR should recommend storage blades for customers?

Since their debut, storage blade manufactures have promised that this new storage platform will deliver value on par with the ever popular server blades. As such, VARs should look for similar problem scenarios to apply storage blades. These include:

  1. Space and power constraints: Blade storage can be purchased and deployed in very small spaces and are at least as power efficient as traditional arrays.
  2. Clients that require cost effective storage: Most storage blades today leverage Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interfaces that also support SATA drives.
  3. Clients that require rapid deployment of new capacity:Blade technology is designed to be plug and play. While the specific procedures vary with manufacturer, this is a primary design element of most blade storage systems.
  4. Clients that need investment protection As the blade centers often leverage SAS interconnected, today's cost conscious customer can deploy SATA drives and later upgrade to SAS drives without changing the chassis.

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