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Network server loss with a VPN connection

When using ISA 2000, some users can lose connection to the network and experience packet loss even if the VPN client is still connected. Learn how to diagnose the problem in this expert tip.

A client using ISA 2000 can't connect to their network servers when connecting through a VPN. At first they can access them, but after a few minutes they can't access the servers. The VPN connection is still connected, but they can't do anything on the network remotely. What could be causing the network server loss?

From your description it's hard to tell what's happening from your description, and there doesn't appear to be any relevant information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, so while we can't say what the problem is we can rule out some things. Because the VPN is still connected, it's unlikely that your client is experiencing VPN timeouts or negotiation problems. Because the users do have connectivity for a few minutes, you don't have a firewall problem or other difficulty in making a connection to the servers.

To help diagnose the problem, make sure that the ISA logs are enabled (see this Knowledge Base article for help in configuring them) and check them for indications of problems after your client's users lose connectivity. If the logs don't reveal the problem, you will have to use a package capture utility, such as tcpdump or OmniPeek, to see where the packets are being lost.

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