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Microsoft WLANs dropping the connection

Experts hope that Windows Mobile 6 and 802.11n will bring stability to mobile WLANs.

My customer has a wireless network that is setup for 802.11 b/g.

They have some thin clients that are running Win CE5 and are having problems with dropped connections. If I have a laptop running Windows XP on the same exact desk, it never drops the connection, or if it does, it doesn't disconnect. Are there any studies comparing how CE and XP handle wireless connections?

I am looking at some XP embedded thin clients.

Yes, the quality of Windows Mobile (or whatever Microsoft is calling it this week) WLAN products is highly variable. I don't know of any particular studies, but I've also experienced this problem myself. I have some hope that with Windows Mobile 6 and the upcoming 802.11n we'll see some stability and this situation will thus improve somewhat but, in the interim, you may need to try a few different products and (gulp) even call tech support. Also make sure you are using the latest drivers; check the vendor's Web site regularly.

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