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MIMO technology increases signal strength without interference

When range is an issue, rely on MIMO technology for reliable, backward-compatible solutions.

Other than changing the router channel and purchasing a repeater or hi-grade antenna, what are some ways to increase signal strength on a wireless router? I know sometimes proximity and obstructions play a part as well.
Some products allow the transmit power to be adjusted, but this isn't always the best solution, as higher power only helps on one end of the connection, and it can also cause interference to nearby systems (even unrelated systems like cordless phones). I generally recommend the use of MIMO-based (multiple input, multiple output) products when range is an issue. MIMO is a much more reliable technique than the ones used in typical WLANs, and current implementations are backward-compatible with 802.11g. Try using a MIMO-based router with your current adapters -- even having MIMO on just one end can really help.

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