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IP SAN storage creates reoccurring revenue for VARs

IP storage area networks (IP SANs) will create reoccurring revenue for resellers highly trained with IP SANs.

How will IP storage help create and maintain a reoccurring revenue stream for VARs while still being valuable to the customer?
Just selling IP storage SAN gear is not enough. The best formula is to have core competencies in all facets of the network, applications and storage integration capabilities when dealing with SMB customers. The successful VAR can earn recurring revenue from an IP storage SAN deployments by offering differentiated post-sales support capabilities.

It is extremely important that trusted VARs maintain a high-level of training and skill sets to properly understand the relationships between the customer's applications and their needs for IP SAN Storage.

Knowledgeable network and IP SAN storage integrators will have varying degrees of experience in network infrastructure, servers, security, applications and TCP/IP -- the basic ingredients for anyone that wants to be successful in this market. To that end, a well-rounded network VAR will make their overall services and skills more valuable to the end-users when they can handle most of their IT and storage related needs simultaneously.

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