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How will Android's open mobile platform impact the channel?

Google's Android open mobile platform has created a stir in the mobile networking industry. Now learn what advantages Android's open mobile platform brings to developers, value-added resellers and systems integrators.

How will Google's announcement of Android, an open mobile platform, create sales and service opportunities for the channel?

Android is a very exciting development because the mobile platform has been one of the most closed to date. Of the phones that do permit third-party applications to be added, developers have been restricted to building applications within certain frameworks that provide limits on that application's capabilities.

Android, on the other-hand, does not have such restrictions because it is an open mobile platform. A developer is able to create applications that have complete access to all data on the device, in addition to creating customized procedures to access remote data. These capabilities enable developers to create applications that can interface much more efficiently with enterprise applications and databases, making mobile devices more useful than ever before.

Android's open mobile platform translates to massive sales and service opportunities for vendors and VARs alike. Vendors can now add mobile capabilities to their apps for customers that have the Android platform in their enterprise. VARs can do the same by creating custom modules that integrate with the Android platform, providing a competitive advantage by empowering mobile users with more connectivity when away from their desk.

This was last published in December 2007

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