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How to launch VoIP services for business customers

Vendor selection, cross-selling and in-depth product knowledge are the keys to success when it comes to offering Voice over IP services, Mike Bloomfield writes.

Editor's Note: Voice over IP may not play to a data-oriented channel partner's traditional strengths. But a VoIP-services-for-business offering could prove a valuable addition to a service provider's portfolio. Thinking about adding voice to your business mix? In this Ask the Expert, Mike Bloomfield, president at Tekie Geek, a managed IT service provider based in Staten Island, N.Y., states the case for offering VoIP services to clients. Bloomfield has been an ASCII Group member since 2016.

Mike Bloomfield: As a managed service provider I've asked myself many times, "Are VoIP services worth the extra effort to sell to my clients?" And each time I've come up with the same valid answer: In today's market you must offer VoIP services for business or you will risk losing customers to various competitors. If you are lacking a service that other vendors offer, you will miss out on securing clients that will continue to stay with you for years to come. 

VoIP is a service that can make your business lucrative and successful; here are a few simple tips for offering this service.

Vendor selection: With hosted VoIP services, you put your clients in the hands of your vendors. This makes it extremely important to pick the right vendor. Make sure that you perform your due diligence and research on the vendors and find one that offers the following benefits:

  • high-paying SPIFs
  • 24/7 support directly to your clients
  • a reliable infrastructure with data centers globally.

Cross-sell: When selling VoIP services, you should also be Cross-selling the following:

  • networking equipment (i.e., managed Power over Ethernet switches, routers)
  • networking design (i.e., QoS implementation)
  • cabling
  • circuit delivery (i.e., reselling fiber, cable, Ethernet over Coax)

Knowledge: Without knowledge, you have no power and no way to succeed above your competitors. Most importantly, without knowledge, how will clients trust you and choose you as a trusted solution provider? I have won numerous VoIP clients due to my complete knowledge of the products I'm selling. By learning the product and the configuration, you take a huge leap ahead of your competition.

With these few tips, you will be a success in offering hosted VoIP services for business and can prevent your clients from looking elsewhere for this service.

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