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How can cloud providers show that their cloud services are secure?

Cloud security expert Neils Johnson explains how cloud providers can demonstrate to prospective enterprise clients that the cloud computing services they offer are secure.

Some enterprises say they're hesitant to invest in cloud services due to security concerns. How can cloud providers demonstrate that their cloud services are not only secure, but as secure as (or even more secure than) enterprise data centers?

There are 17 new and potentially exploitable vulnerabilities discovered every day. If enterprises don't know that, and you as a cloud service provider (CSP) can demonstrate that you do, then you're halfway there. Real-time awareness of the risk landscape is a huge benefit of working with a CSP.

I have two questions that I regularly ask security people, and the first one -- Have you had a breach? -- doesn't count. The answer is unimportant, because it's a set-up for #2: How do you know? If you can offer a documented answer to the second question that sounds better than the answer what enterprises can get from their own IT departments, you'll make them more comfortable with moving to the cloud.

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