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How can I help customers using Windows Server 2003 VPN on Windows XP clients to access the Internet

Help customers using Windows Server 2003 VPN on Windows XP clients to access the Internet successfully.

My customer is using Windows 2003 VPN RAS. The client is XP. The client connects to the RAS and authenticates. We can ping all internal addresses but cannot ping Internet addresses nor connect to the Internet. The client is using DHCP from the server which uses DHCP pool. We use a proxy connection, and this is set on the client VPN connection.

The problem seems to be that the VPN client cannot connect to the Internet. Can you advise me?

The default Windows VPN behavior is to allow access to the internal network but not the Internet. This is a security measure that prevents a user from accidentally exposing the internal network through an Internet connection. It is possible to bypass this behavior by using split tunneling as described in the article " Split Tunneling for Concurrent Access to the Internet and an Intranet" posted on Microsoft's TechNet.
This was last published in August 2007

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