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How can GIS technology help prevent cloud outages?

GIS technology helps cloud providers identify developing threats and plan in advance to foil outages, says TM Forum CEO Martin Creaner.

How can we use GIS technology to prevent cloud service outages?

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can help service providers identify and understand the potential damage natural disasters and other developing threats can wreak on cloud services and use that information to make preemptive plans to prevent outages.

GIS technology also helps service providers augment their existing network monitoring and management systems and provides triggers to deliver advanced notification showing any developing threats and their potential consequences. This technology can give providers enough advance warning to identify any critical applications and services and relocate them to safe areas.

Service providers can integrate GIS technology with a policy-based management system that defines in advance what action should take place if there is an impending catastrophe. This gives framework for when certain criteria or conditions are met, and an already-developed plan can be kick-started into action.

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