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Getting started with Microsoft Windows Vista support

Microsoft Windows Vista is being to excite customers for the newest release of the operating system. Unfortunately, Microsoft's history is making just as many people anxious about support and integration. Our expert predicts the top three areas where VARs will encounter problems supporting the new OS.

What do you see as the three main challenges to supporting Vista?
I can see three things that will make resellers and channel partners nervous about supporting Vista:

  • Application compatibility. Some business applications won't work well, or won't work at all, on Windows Vista. Quickbooks 2006—a quite popular application—throws a warning when run on Vista. This type of compatibility challenge makes for opportunities for you but also some difficult support scenarios.

  • The new User Account Control feature. This may drive users batty, as it's a feature that really gets in their faces when they've never had something in Windows behave in a similar fashion before. Educating users and administrators that this is indeed a good feature will be a tough sell, at least initially.

  • Getting hardware right. Your users might express some frustration at first because their hardware isn't up to snuff. A memory upgrade here and a video card there will go a long way to easing these concerns

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