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Disable the ad-hoc mode on a Dell Latitude D-600 with a driver update

Checking for driver updates regularly and using Microsoft Windows Zero Configuration tools help keep your customer's machines running securely.

My customer is using a Dell Latitude D-600, which has a built-in Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG. I know that Intel, by default, enables an ad-hoc capacity in the card and that there is no way to turn this off. I am worried about the lack of security this causes. Do you have suggestions for dealing with Intel and these risky computers?
Try the latest drivers. I believe this includes a fix for the ad-hoc problem you note (which may have been fixed as far back as 9.0.3). If this doesn't work, try the Microsoft Windows Zero Configuration tools. They're not as fancy as Intel's PROSet, but you absolutely can disable ad-hoc mode using this approach. I think the Intel drivers will work fine, though -- and always remember to check for driver updates regularly.

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