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Customers are jumpy about vague cloud compliance mandates -- now what?

As long as regulators are vague about cloud compliance mandates, providers may fail to win customers in those verticals. But expert Neils Johnson says you aren't powerless.

Prospective customers with regulatory compliance requirements tell us they're not comfortable adopting our services because the regulatory bodies have been too vague about what's required for compliance in the cloud. Are we powerless to do anything until those bodies issue clearer mandates?

This question has both a yes and no answer. If it's about the customer being able to demonstrate compliance, then it's important for you to be able to put that information in their hands readily and with some accountability as to how that cloud compliance was documented. If they want to be "compliant" because of the level of security they are expecting, I would suggest a demonstration of the criteria about which they are most concerned.

However, I am waiting (patiently) for regulatory bodies at all levels to put some teeth into the cloud compliance requirements. As long as the likelihood is remains slim that a regulatory body would reprimand you for a violation or issue a slap on the wrist, is it any wonder businesses are resistant to put that kind of data in the cloud?

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