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Creating wireless networks with Windows Vista for SMBs

Microsoft Vista can create a WiFi access point but may not be the best choice for your SMB client. Learn why in this Q&A from our wireless networking expert, Craig Mathias.

How do I help my SMB client use Windows Vista to create a WiFi hotspot in their office?

I've not deployed Vista yet, nor is my company recommending it to clients at present. We have a policy against using any Microsoft software until at least the availability of the first Service Pack. I'm not sure what you mean by "hotspot," but setting up a single access point (AP) is very simple -- just follow the directions in the box. Always remember, however, to enable security. I recommend at least WPA, and WPS2 if your client devices support it. I suggest caution, though, with respect to Vista. It's early, as I noted above, and client driver problems should be expected.

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