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Connecting wirelessly to a LAN

Connecting a wireless router to a wired LAN.

My customer has a wireless D-Link 624 router connected to their LAN, as well as an access point, a hub. They have several wired network computers in their building's basement. My question is, can I connect the wired computers to the wired hub, then connect the wireless access point to the hub, and then use the access point to connect to the router upstairs to get Internet access?

Short answer -- no. APs do not talk to other APs (the wireless router is also an AP); APs talk to clients. The easiest way to solve your problem is with a client bridge, which is a client that has an Ethernet jack. Just connect this jack to the hub, program the client bridge to talk to your specific network (don't forget to enable at least WPA security!), and that should do it.

I've used many client bridges but, if you want to go with D-Link, have a look at their DWL-G820 Gaming Adapter. It's designed to work with the 624, and don't let the name fool you. It will connect to any Ethernet device via a standard cable.

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