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Choosing a wireless router that works with VSAT

Choosing a wireless router for your customer's VSAT depends on capacity. Get an expert opinion on what works.

One of my customers has VSAT connected directly to a hub, and they've asked me to help them implement wireless Internet access. Could you suggest the best Cisco router for wireless Internet access using VSAT?
Actually, one of the beauties of VSATs (Very Small Aperature Satellite Terminals, which have a smaller dish than more traditional implementations) is that they look like any other link that runs IP. So the question really boils down to capacity -- some VSATs have higher throughput and therefore demand a more capable router. In principle, though, even a low-end residential router will work just fine. Cisco does build some VSAT-specific router modules, but you'll have to check with Cisco to see if they'll work with your customer's particular VSAT product and service.

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