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Blade server security hardware advice

VARs can learn why blade server security issues are basically the same as with rack servers or standalone servers.

I am thinking about consolidating my customer's data with a blade server, and wanted to consider all pros and cons. I have been considering the IBM, HP and Sun blade server products. Do you have any security advice about these? Are there other products available that are better from a security standpoint?

The move from physical servers to blades is about increasing cost to lower footprint and improve management. Most blade server products provide similar security features regardless of the vendor, and especially if you use a major, established producer.

The security issues with any blade server are pretty much the same as with rack servers or standalone servers. There is a physical security advantage to having the servers consolidated, but the network security issues are pretty much exactly the same as they are with standalone servers.

At this point, I don't know of specific hacks that can compromise blade servers over individual servers, or hacks that would allow someone to move from an individual server into a blade management infrastructure and then compromise another server.

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