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Audit trails for secure data storage

Secure data storage can more easily be achieved in a company if resellers implement an audit trail to track who is accessing secure data.

What can VARs do to implement audit trails in the companies they are working with? How will this help data security?

The benefit of audit trails is tied to the authentication of who is authorized to use a particular command or function of a storage system as well as access secure data storage in general. The audit logs for some environments can be used for diagnostics as well for intrusion forensic analysis or other follow-up or audits.

Storage system vendors are beginning to implement new security techniques like tamper proof logs and audit trails as standard features of secure data storage. However, you don't have to stop there. Look beyond traditional data storage security like encryption and include authentication, authorization, secure audit trails, secure erase, digital shredding and secure asset disposal for additional security.

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