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Address recognition with wireless routers

Wireless domain recognition issues can be solved by assigning static addresses to the devices in question.

My customer has a small office that belongs to a domain and has all IP addresses assigned via a Cisco PIX (10.10.10.xxx). Within this they have a TrendNet TEW611BRP Wireless Router. If I plug the WAN into the WAN port on the TrendNet then it works as it should, providing another subnet (192.168.0.xxx by default). That's great except the wireless devices don't see the domain.

So, I plugged the WAN cable into a LAN port on the TrendNet and turned off the wireless DHCP server. Now the wireless devices are assigned IPs by the PIX and can see the network just fine.

Problem: I can't seem to get into the settings of the wireless access point when it is configured this way. Even when I do a tracert it doesn't show that a hop lands on the TrendNet wireless device. How do I call up the configuration pages on the AP if it doesn't have an address?

Ah, yes, I've seen this before. The TrendNet AP is getting an address, but you don't know what it is. I've solved this problem by assigning static addresses to all infrastructure devices -- that way, I always know where they are, IP-speaking, and only clients get DHCP addresses. And, of course, make sure you have only one DHCP server present on the net, as you've already done.

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