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Adding value with disaster recovery services

Disaster recovery and business continuity provide many value-added service opportunities for channel professionals. The following Q&A is excerpted from Greg Schulz's podcast on disaster recovery services.

In what ways can channel professionals provide value with disaster recovery services?

There are many, many opportunities, including comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity strategy development and planning, focusing efforts on particular technology domains or business areas, whether it be server failover or clustering, high availability (HA) application software, redundant networks, backup, archiving, etc. There are so many different areas from a technology standpoint. Wrapping services and advice may involve helping with disaster recovery testing, documentation, putting a plan in place, conducting BIA (business impact analysis), whether it's on the entire business or entire applications. Or, you could focus perhaps just on the networks, or on the servers or on the storage. Helping with training -- certainly if you're an MSP -- or providing additional assistance, such as hosting remote backups, being a target for remote replication, helping with assessments, reviews, strategy plan updates and technology deployment.

There are many options around disaster recovery, disaster avoidance, business continuity and business survivability, coupled with data preservation for archiving, that the channel professional can leverage.

The above Q&A was excerpted from Greg Schulz's disaster recovery services podcast. For the complete collection of Q&As, visit our Tips-to-Go: Data Disaster Recovery Services Tutorial.

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