Set up and install Windows 7

Learn how to set up and install Windows 7 with this collection of tips, podcasts and videos.

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To set up Windows 7 for customers, IT solutions providers need to know about Microsoft's upgrade policy, as well as the different Windows 7 editions that will be available.

Microsoft will make six Windows 7 SKUs available, but only two are suitable for IT solutions providers to sell to their business customers: Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. The vendor also recommends that Windows XP users adopt Windows Vista before they set up and install Windows 7.

Learn how to install Windows 7 with these news articles and videos. This section of the Windows 7 cheat sheet also features two podcasts with commentary from Microsoft partners and experts.

Microsoft pushes XP customers to Vista: You may be intent on selling Windows 7 to your Windows XP customers, but Microsoft has other ideas. Learn why Microsoft wants XP users to migrate to Windows Vista before they install Windows 7.

Windows 7 SKUs announced: Microsoft will offer six Windows 7 SKUs, including just two recommended for business. Those SKUs are Windows 7 Professional, for small businesses, and Windows 7 Enterprise, for medium-sized and large businesses. The other SKUs are Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate.

How to install Windows 7 Beta: Watch J. Peter Bruzzese of set up a Windows 7 Beta installation. He also talks about the operating system's new features and discusses the minimum requirements needed to install Windows 7 Beta.

Discussing Windows 7: Expert Mark Minasi gives his thoughts on the Windows 7 desktop operating system in this podcast. Listen to him discuss the reasons to install Windows 7 and what hardware will support the new operating system.

Windows 7 debuts at Microsoft PDC 2008: Robert Anderson, chief technology officer for Digipede Technologies, reports live from the Professional Developers Conference, where Microsoft introduced Windows 7. Listen to him discuss the uphill battle that Microsoft faces to overcome the "perceived failure" of Windows Vista.

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