Private cloud storage software and hardware product handbook

Our private cloud storage software and hardware product handbook takes a look at hardware and software products to drive private cloud storage. Most systems are object-based, support clusters, and have multitenancy and security features to support departments at a customer site.

By Dave Raffo, Senior News Director

Are you interested in helping your customers set up a private storage cloud? If so, you're probably well aware of how quickly the product space is developing, with new private cloud storage products coming to market seemingly overnight. In the past year or so, vendors have come out with new products or re-worked old ones by adding multitenancy and security features that make the products suited to power private storage clouds in the enterprise. Use our private cloud storage software and hardware product guide will help you navigate the range of products available from the major vendors in this space: Bycast Inc., Caringo Inc., Cleversafe Inc., Data Direct Networks Inc., EMC Corp., Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Parascale and Symantec Corp

Read the full private cloud storage product guide story or navigate the story by product:

Bycast StorageGRID

Caringo CAStor

Cleversafe Distributed Storage Network

Data Direct Networks Web Object Scaler (WOS)

EMC Atmos

Hitachi Content Platform (HCAP)

IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud

Parascale Cloud Storage (PCS)

Symantec FileStore

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