Microsoft Windows 7 cheat sheet

Learn how to install Windows 7 and talk to customers about Windows 7 upgrades and new features with this collection of resources on Microsoft's latest operating system.

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This Windows 7 cheat sheet offers IT solutions providers the information they need to know as their customers consider Windows 7 migrations.

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The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is out in beta now, with a release candidate on the way soon, and it's expected to hit general availability in late 2009 or early 2010. Many Microsoft partners hope the Windows 7 release will boost their business, even though most customers have shunned Windows Vista migrations for the past two years. And Microsoft needs the operating system to succeed in order to overcome the negative perceptions of Vista among partners and customers alike.

Use this Windows 7 cheat sheet to get up to speed about new features in the operating system and Microsoft's policy on Windows 7 upgrades. Watch expert videos and listen to podcasts to learn how to set up and install Windows 7 for customers.

Table of contents

Set up and install Windows 7: Solutions providers need to know about Microsoft's upgrade policy and the different Windows 7 editions that will be available.

New Windows 7 features: Learn about BitLocker, AppLocker, User Account Control and more, so you can tell your customers what's new in Windows 7.

Windows 7 migrations and upgrades: Windows 7 upgrades raise several issues. Use these resources to find out how you and your customers should proceed.

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