Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware ESX cheat sheet

This Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware ESX cheat sheet offers a world of resources to help you understand the differences between these two top virtualization products. Included are tips, chapter excerpts, news, blogs, special reports and FAQ guides.

Our Microsoft Hyper-V versus VMware ESX cheat sheet contains a wealth of resources that will help solutions providers better understand which virtualization product is best for their customers.

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When choosing the right hypervisor for an enterprise environment, it is essential for solutions providers to know which features are the most important, the pros and cons of the technologies and the correct installation and implementation methods. Hyper-V and VMware ESX should be rated on factors including performance, scalability and ease of integration with a company's existing system. Choosing the wrong virtualization technology would create long-term issues that could wreak havoc on a client's budget.

Use this cheat sheet to compare prices, product features and reviews for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX. Resources include tips, expert blogs, chapter excerpts, news, Project FAQs and special reports on relevant topics.


  • Evaluating VMware alternatives for server virtualization software
    Learn how to pick VMware alternatives for server virtualization software and find out how you can use these alternatives to increase return on investment.

  • Native management tools for VDI: VMware vs. Citrix and Microsoft
    Find out about native management tools for desktop and application virtualization for products from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

  • VMware Virtual Datacenter OS aims for enterprise data center space
    The new features and functions of VMware's Virtual Datacenter Operating System replicate cloud computing and place VMware firmly in the enterprise data center space.

  • Using VMware NetQueue to virtualize high-bandwidth servers
    NetQueue, a new feature in VMware ESX Server 3.5, helps you virtualize clients' high-bandwidth servers and improve their network performance.

  • Can Microsoft really make an impact with Hyper-V?
    Microsoft is attempting to carve out its own share of the server virtualization market with the release of Hyper-V. But with a 10-year lag behind VMware, can Hyper-V really displace ESXi?

  • What Hyper-V brings to Windows Server
    Learn about three key benefits of using Microsoft's Hyper-V for server virtualization and find out what it can offer to your Windows Server customers.

  • Changing virtualization services in wake of VMware Server ESX 3i
    Learn how to change your server virtualization offerings to accommodate VMware Server ESX 3i -- an embedded solution that customers can configure on their own.

    Chapter Excerpts

  • VMware ESX essentials: Virtual Machine File System
    This excerpt provides an overview of VMware's Virtual Machine File System, the different storage options available and tips for configuring a client's network file system.

  • VMware ESX essentials: Fibre Channel and iSCSI
    Solutions providers learn about the differences between Fibre Channel and iSCSI to better serve their customers' needs.

  • VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and securing virtualization servers
    Learn how to use VMware ESX Server for disaster recovery and backup services.

  • Planning your implementation of Hyper-V
    Sizing your Windows Server 2008 server to support virtualization is a key first step when planning your implementation of Hyper-V.

  • Installation of the Microsoft Hyper-V server role
    Follow a step-by-step approach for installing Microsoft Hyper-V on a Windows Server 2008 system.

  • Launching a Hyper-V guest session
    Find out when Hyper-V guest sessions should be launched automatically, manually or in a particular sequence with this chapter excerpt.

  • Becoming familiar with the Hyper-V administrative console
    Learn how to navigate the Hyper-V administrative console and the virtual server settings on all guest sessions.


  • Hyper-V vs. VMware: Which is cheaper?
    There are several hidden costs with Hyper-V that, depending on the user scenario, may make VMware the more cost-effective option, analysts and users say.

  • VMware outshines Hyper-V, et al. in hypervisor comparison
    The Burton Group scoured hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix Systems and Virtual Iron Software to find the missing features that users should consider before adopting a virtualization product.

  • Hyper-V live migration boosts Microsoft's server virtualization play
    By including live migration in Hyper-V 2.0, Microsoft hopes to retaliate against VMware's VMotion.

  • VMware View 3 enters desktop virtualization market
    The successor to VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure -- VMware View 3 -- is expected to bring competition to the desktop virtualization market with new features, including storage optimization, application virtualization and offline desktops.

  • With Live Migration, Microsoft Hyper-V inches closer to VMware ESX
    The introduction of live migration in Microsoft's Hyper-V puts Hyper-V on par with VMware ESXi and VMotion.

  • Microsoft vs. VMware: What's the next move?
    Hyper-V's minimal pricing approach and VMware's decision to make ESX free are blurring the lines of competition.

  • How VMware ESX performance trumps Hyper-V's price
    Learn about the pros and cons of VMware ESX and Hyper-V and find out how VMware ESX conquered its rival.

  • Hyper-V won't sail past VMware on price alone, users say
    Faithful users of VMware explain why they remain loyal despite issues with VMware's price.


  • VMware vs. Hyper-V: Comparing apples to carrots
    Blogger Eric Siebert points out why solutions providers really have to know their clients' needs in order to recommend VMware over Hyper-V, or vice versa.

  • CiRBA analysis tool compares Hyper-V and VMware
    A tool by CiRBA Inc. uses specific factors to determine whether Hyper-V or VMware would be the best choice for an environment.

  • Six reasons Hyper-V will surpass VMware within five years
    Clabby Analytics analyst Joe Clabby explains why he thinks Hyper-V will clobber VMware, and blogger Bridget Botelho discusses why she agrees with him.

  • Why (or why not) switch from VMware to Hyper-V?
    IT veteran Eric Siebert won't make the switch to Hyper-V but gives reasons why some companies would.

  • VMware's competitive edge shrinking in light of Hyper-V hype, experts say
    ITKE blogger Adam Truillo predicts that VMware won't be able to compete with Microsoft's level of expertise and application support.

  • VMware server guru discusses ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V
    Eric Hammersley shares his thoughts on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX, explains basic virtualization architectures and compares the three major VMware offerings.

    Project FAQs

  • VMware data protection
    In this Project FAQ with George Crump, find out what the options are for VMware backup and learn how to choose the best data protection tool for your particular customer.

  • FAQs: VMware with Rod Lucero
    In this VMware FAQ, expert Rod Lucero discusses how VMware has held its place in the market, the challenges it faces and why VARs continue to recommend the software to their clients.

    Expert answers

  • Why recommend Hyper-V vs. VMware?
    IT expert Hilary Cotter explains how Hyper-V's new features could be the persuading factors for choosing Hyper-V over VMware.

    Special Reports

  • Virtualization pricing wars: The future of VMware, Hyper-V and Xen
    This special report investigates how price and functionality affect the choices made by IT organizations and the fortunes of major server virtualization vendors.


  • When is Hyper-V the right choice for a company?
    Virtualization expert Nelson Ruest compares Hyper-V and VMware ESX and explains why Hyper-V may be better for smaller companies.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of Hyper-V
    This segment of our Windows Server 2008 Hot Spot Tutorial discusses how the basic advantages and disadvantages of Hyper-V are the same as other virtualization environments.

  • Dig Deeper on Server virtualization technology and services