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Router configuration shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a useful way for VARs and SIs to lessen the amount of time it takes to complete the tedious work of configuring routers. In this tip we list some of the more helpful commands.

Keyboard shortcuts are a useful way for VARs and SIs to lessen the amount of time it takes to complete the tedious...

work of router configuration. Timesavers like Ctrl-L and -C help keep the little processes of configuration from piling up.

IOS command shortcut favorites

While there are certainly a lot of alternatives today for configuring Cisco routers such as Ciscoworks, GUIs and SNMP, for a lot of tasks, it's hard to beat the good, old fashioned command line. Yet there's no reason to type any more than absolutely necessary. IOS comes with dozens of shortcuts, which, frankly, are too numerous to remember. In this tip, I've listed my favorites -- the ones used often enough to remember, and a few whose time has passed.

  • Ctrl-L and Ctrl-R -- These repeat the current command on a new line. This is useful when you're doing a lot of repetitive tasks, such as configuring access lists.
  • Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-C -- Use Ctrl-Z to exit configuration mode, and Ctrl-C terminates a process, such as a continuous PING.

Get more information on IOS shortcut commands, including a quick reference table.

This was last published in April 2007

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