Threat management and prevention

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  • rainbow table

    A rainbow table is a listing of all possible plaintext permutations of encrypted passwords specific to a given hash algorithm. Rainbow tables are often used by password cracking software for network security attacks. 

  • keyword stuffing

    Keyword stuffing is the practice of inserting a large number of keywords into Web page content and meta tags in the attempt to artificially increase the page's ranking in search results. 

  • database activity monitoring (DAM)

    Database activity monitoring (DAM) systems monitor and record activity in a database and then generate alerts for anything unusual. 

About Threat management and prevention

Read tips on information security threats and threat management, mitigation and prevention for security service providers, consultants and value-added resellers (VARs). You'll find how-tos and best practices on identifying and mitigating the threats to information security on the computer, network and WLAN. Learn how to defend business networks against hackers and hacking tools, data leaks, data theft, spam, viruses and other malware, Web threats and wireless security threats.