Data Storage Management

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  • How do I ensure proper information lifecycle management?

    Information lifecycle management – the proper use, archiving and ultimate disposal of data -- is important to any company. One reason is regulatory compliance. Learn about the information lifecycle and how VARs and consultants should advise the... 

  • IP storage network bottlenecks

    IP storage network bottlenecks can occur when networking gear, configuration and talent don't match up. 

  • Storage blade server training

    Storage blade server training is necessary for resellers who sell and support storage blade servers. 

  • Benefits of VAR managed storage

    Convincing customers to let you manage their storage needs comes down to one thing: Economics. 

  • NAS for a Web server

    Learn how to use NAS to provide storage for a Web server. 

  • Adding value to storage virtualization

    Storage is a huge market for VARs with many competitors. The difference between getting a contract and not getting a contract may boil down to the type of value you can add to a product. The same is true for storage virtualization. 

  • Alternative storage vendors

    In addition to the major vendors, these emerging companies are worth looking into. 

About Data Storage Management

This topic outlines data storage management news, tips and best practices for storage service providers, value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators and consultants helping customers manage data storage systems. Get expert advice and find business opportunities around data archiving, data configuration, data migration, data monitoring and reporting, data provisioning, data lifecycle management, hierarchical storage management (HSM), storage performance and capacity planning, tiered storage, online storage services and data storage management services.