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  • Why aren't more companies using RFID for inventory tracking?

    Radio frequency identification tags have a number of benefits over the bar code, but the latter continues to be the go-to for manufacturers. Here's a look at the reasons for that. Continue Reading

  • Flash management important for IT pros, yet overlooked

    Though hidden from the user, flash management is important for IT professionals. How a flash controller manages NAND flash can impact longevity and performance. Continue Reading

  • Big decisions: Choose the right ERP platform for your SMB

    ERP is, by its very name, directed more at the big guy. It's enterprise resource planning, not small-business resource planning. That's because smaller companies usually lack the budget or time to put an ERP platform in place. Even so, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit greatly from ERP.

    In this handbook, find out how smaller companies can get into the ERP game. In the first article, journalist Alan Joch uncovers some of the hurdles SMBs may face when they try to adopt ERP. Second, freelance writer Lauren Gibbons Paul explains how even ERP platforms from big vendors such as Oracle and SAP are viable options for SMBs. Third, Joch returns to examine why cloud ERP may be a good fit for smaller companies. Continue Reading

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