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December 2010, Vol. 1 No. 4

Channel hopes to profit in WAN optimization makeover

Wide-area network optimization products have been around for years and have become workaday tools for boosting IT infrastructure. WAN optimization was traditionally used to speed up the delivery of files and e-mail over long distances and boost application performance. Channel partners typically installed the technology in hardware appliance form. Business drivers are changing, however. The rise of cloud computing and virtualization are creating new opportunities for the channel in WAN optimization. The nature of the technology is shifting as well. WAN-boosting virtual appliances, just now coming to market, provide a different deployment option for resellers, integrators and their customers. WAN optimization may also be delivered as a service, bringing MSPs into the picture. Channel executives hold a range of views on the current state of WAN optimization, a divergence that reflects a market in transition. Some resellers find margins in hardware, others in services. Some see high growth in appliances, while others contend that ...

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