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  • An inside look at network security technologies

    Finding malware, or worse, attackers pivoting from server to server on your network, is a difficult proposition. Persistent, motivated hackers are adept at developing code that evades detection from signature-based network security devices. And more often than not, attackers are penetrating enterprise networks using legitimate credentials stolen via social engineering scams. This informative handbook outlines how to better safeguard your network. Get the latest tips on network security technologies, and advice from our experts.

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  • Channel appraises social media platforms for business

    Industry pundits have identified social media as one of the pillars of the next age of computing. And like another pillar of the next age, mobile computing, social media is an example of a consumer technology that is making its way into companies of all sizes, and in doing so, disrupting the status quo for IT organizations. In that disruption lies opportunities -- as well as challenges -- for IT solution providers.

    This handbook on social media platforms for business examines those opportunities, with discussions on social media integration, which is expected to hold the most opportunity for partners; professional services; and regulatory compliance concerns, where experts say conversations run much deeper than any specific platform.

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