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  • An inside look at network security technologies

    Finding malware, or worse, attackers pivoting from server to server on your network, is a difficult proposition. Persistent, motivated hackers are adept at developing code that evades detection from signature-based network security devices. And more often than not, attackers are penetrating enterprise networks using legitimate credentials stolen via social engineering scams. This informative handbook outlines how to better safeguard your network. Get the latest tips on network security technologies, and advice from our experts.

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  • Channel eyes enterprise mobility market potential

    The enterprise mobility market is poised for big growth for the foreseeable future, and IT organizations are facing a multitude of challenges related to mobile computing. IT solution providers that can align with this market have multiple potential points of entry, including procurement, deployment, integration, device management, app development and resale, and strategic consulting. This handbook explores opportunities in those areas, delving into detail on those with the greatest potential return for VARs, systems integrators and IT consultants. Read on to find out where the best opportunities lie and get advice from experts on how to approach the market, including what not to do.

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