Move beyond a backup only product to an end-to-end continuity solution.

When you’re ready to mitigate downtime for your clients and increase recurring revenue for you—get serious about Business Continuity. See what the best of image-based backup and hybrid cloud continuity can deliver.


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    Why Business Continuity Isn’t Just For Big Companies

    Smaller organizations can be devastated by a service interruption. As a result, business continuity is on the minds of all businesses, creating great opportunities for IT solutions companies.

    • How SMBs Can Benefit From Hybrid Cloud-Based Backup and Business Continuity

      Access this resource to uncover the next-gen benefits that hybrid cloud-based backup and business continuity can provide to tight-budgeted small and medium sized businesses.

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    • 7 Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup

      Check out this white paper to discover what a hybrid cloud is, how it applies to data backup, and the seven unique benefits of a hybrid cloud platform for SMB data backup.

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    • You Won't Lose Sleep with Datto's Business Continuity

      In this case study, learn how IT service provider ProMission Projects prepared for and dealt with the crash of a manufacturing client's legacy hardware. Discover how virtualizing the client's server offsite allowed ProMission to keep production running until the replacement server could be installed, and thus avoid the significant cost of downtime.

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    • Effectively Selling Business Continuity; Six Steps to Make it Happen

      Read this white paper to discover six tips that can help managed service providers (MSPs) effectively sell cloud-based data recovery/business continuity solutions to small to midsized businesses (SMBs)— currently the biggest adopters of this technology— while yielding maximum profit.

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    • Don't Miss the Business Continuity Sales Window

      Because backup disaster recovery (BDR) technology only reveals its value when things don't go as planned, it can be a tricky sell for IT services firms. Read this white paper to learn a four-step process for engaging clients on this topic and effectively selling them DR/BC products and services.

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    • 5 Cornerstones of Compliance

      This resource highlights the 5 cornerstones of compliance and gives you the facts on a security strategy designed to meet a diverse set of MSP needs.

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    • Give Small Business What It Needs

      This whitepaper describes how MSPs can break into the small business market by offering business continuity solutions that touch on the 5 areas that are most important to small businesses.

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    Transforming Data Backup into Business Continuity

    Business continuity is more than backup; it’s tied to business processes and goals. IT solutions companies need technical skills in storage, security and networking to create holistic, end-to-end solutions.

    • Intelligent Business Continuity; Eliminate the Risks in Data Protection

      Traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions simply aren't equipped to protect your business against cloud and mobile security threats. Read this white paper to learn what capabilities are required from a complete, intelligent backup and recovery plan in order to protect you against all of the risks of today's complex systems.

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    • Traditional Backup vs. Intelligent Business Continuity

      Searching for an alternative to your insufficient tape, disk or NAS backup solution? Check out this quick data sheet to examine a side-by-side comparison of the capabilities of traditional backup vs. intelligent business continuity. You'll notice a stark contrast in each of ten critical backup categories.

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    • Sandy Put Disaster Recovery to the Ultimate Test

      With its headquarters located directly in the path of Hurricane "Superstorm" Sandy, disaster recovery (DR) services firm Datto faced the enormous challenge of protecting its partners. Read this remarkable case study to learn how Datto went the extra mile before, during, and after the storm to ensure business continuity for its partners.

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    • Business Continuity Built from the Ground Up Meet the Next Generation of Datto

      This white paper explores the benefits of a new suite of business continuity solutions that can be marketed by MSPs and VARs to deliver  value to customers that is beyond that of traditional backup.

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    • Tax Time Means No Downtime

      This case study explains how one accounting firm was able to mitigate the effects of a server crash by having in place an image-based backup solution based on a hybrid-cloud model.

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    • The Case For Modernizing Your Data Protection Strategy In 2014

      This guide lists the biggest threats facing data protection strategies today and offers advice as to why organizations should consider upgrading their approaches with new technologies and solutions.

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